May 6, 2010

OIC 2010: Creating Connections

The life of a young entrepreneur these days is very interesting and most likely totally different then a decade ago. I do feel the fundamentals remain the same. The major difference is with the tools an entrepreneur may have to increase its reach within the global community. Its challenges like these that put you on the spot and force you to innovate.

The major difference I’ve come to realize are the tools an entrepreneur may have to increase its reach within the global community. The Ottawa Innovation Challenge tries to approach the business competition from a different angle and tackle these new problems and give us many opportunities to connect with other young entrepreneurs in the region.

The way the Ottawa Innovation Challenge works is actually fairly simple; companies are responsible to prepare a problem statement which reflects current challengers the company is experiencing. We are given 48hrs to provide the client the best solution. I was assigned a partner, Nigel Kay, who I never met before and go! It was an incredible experience where I had the opportunity to learn so much from the mentors who gave their time over the weekend to assist us.

The Ottawa Innovation Challenge is tailored in such a way where making connection is critical and this gave me the confidence I needed to start my business this summer.

Apr 23, 2010

OIC 2010 Organizing Committee

It was only a few months ago when I was sitting in front of a dynamic group of individuals who informed us about the OIC 2009 Challenge. But time flies so quickly and here we are (Manu Sharma, Sonia Riahi, Tuhin Das, Japman Bajaj and Vahid Dabbaghi Sadr) and have been given the opportunity to organize this event and see it grow for ourselves!

I cannot stress how excited I am with the positive response which we have been getting all along throughout our planning stages. Not only do we have more teams and participants, but through our incredible mentorship experience we are truly feeling a grand community feeling right here in Ottawa.

By: Tuhin Das

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